Share your love of running with us, as we share our city with you!

Running routes

Please indicate the dates of your stay, preferred time slots for your runs, your current fitness level, including current training goals, and a preferred tour (if any). Depending on the pace that's comfortable to you, we can slightly adjust the routes to make sure you see and enjoy Kyiv Running Tours and still put in enough miles to stay within your training schedule. We will pick you up at the hotel lobby or meet you at some place in a downtown. For longer trail runs we shall travel 20 to 30 minutes bycar to a park/trail and then bring you back to the hotel.

Hot tours

Botanic Garden Run

In the Botanic Garden you will enjoy some great hills, along with wonderful views of Kyiv's left bank. Perfect for some strength training, as well as easy jogging around landscapes simulating diverse climate and floral zones of Ukraine. One loop is around 4.5k, elevation gain - 175m.



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Podil and Andriivskyi Uzviz

In this run, we'll guide you through the Podil, possible the city's oldest and most beautiful district, up the hills towards two wonderful cathedrals - Sofiya and Mykhailivskyi, and back to Podil down Andriivskyi Uzviz, a street famous for its craft and handmade souvenirs. Despite considerable elevation gain, you will definitely enjoy this route.


Downtown Run

This route will take you through Kyiv's main streets - Khreschatyk and Volodymyrska. We'll travel past two of the city's most beautiful churches, central parks and Andriivsky Uzvis, known for its souvenirs. After this run, you'll definitely find your way at night while visiting Kyiv's central pubs and clubs. Elevation gain - minimal. Distance: 6 km Sights: Opera House, University Park, Golden Gate, St. Sofia Cathedral, St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, Desyatynna Church, Andriivsy Uzviz, St.Andrew Monument, Independence Square, Khreschatyk,


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Observation Deck Run

Possibly one of the our best routes showcasing several observation decks with wonderful views of Dnipro River and Kyiv's left bank. From Khreschatyk, we'll run towards the Friendship of Nations' Arch, then to the observation platform at the Mariinsky Park and towards the city's highest point - 2nd World War Memorial. Although this route features climbing some steps, the views are definitely worth it. Distance: 5-10 km Sights: Independence Square, Arch of Friendship, Mariyinsky Palace, Pechersko Lavra or Cave Monastery, Mother Motherland memorial, Museum of the WW2


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Kyiv Trail Running

If you're tired of city landscapes, this is the route for you. Just 20 minutes drive from the downtown and you'll find yourself in a picturesque island with plenty of flat and fast terrain, fresh air and great trails. Elevation gain - close to zero, route length - anything from 5 to 20 k.